At Pedal Power bicycles come in all shapes and sizes, and one popular model has made a triumphant return! The “Yellow Twister” has been out of action for many years but a lengthy repair and restoration by Paul Evans has returned it to the Pedal Power bike track! This bike was one of the most popular at Pedal Power and having it out of action for some time meant some of our customers were unable to cycle with us.

The Yellow Twister is a two-seat recumbent bicycle with added assistance from an electric motor. This makes it very popular with riders as it’s easy to ride and you can bring a friend along for the journey! The side-by-side layout makes for excellent stability and the three wheels make the bike very stable.

Unfortunately, people haven’t been able to enjoy this fantastic bike lately due to it needing repairs, but Pedal Power’s own Paul Evans has graciously spent time and effort restoring the bike back to its former glory. Now people can continue enjoying the Yellow Twister hopefully for years to come!